A little update

Friday night news dump from me: I’m be joining BuzzFeed News in January! I’ll be working with the news app team in NYC and will be focusing on figuring out the best way to deliver news to “informed, educated people who want to know what’s happening in the world” and yes, writing a daily newsletter :)

Here’s a bit more about what we’re trying to do from my very, very smart to-be editor, Stacy-Marie Ishmael: “Everybody has that one friend who’s really interesting and really witty and who’s, like, the sparkling guest at the dinner party … We want to be that friend. We want you to come across something through us that you would never have otherwise seen that is a nugget of interestingness that makes you more informed.”

Ok, now a favor from me! Send me a message (millie@fittingly.net) about how you come across news and information in your day-to-day and any challenges you think you have in wanting to be stay up to date and/or an informed citizen, like there’s too much out there, not enough time, etc. Would LOVE to hear what you guys think!

Finally, I’m immensely grateful for everyone at the American Press Institute and am so proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past year and a half in relaunching API. And if you know anyone who is rabidly curious about news and the business of journalism, let me know.

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