Refreshing my apps

I got the new iPhone 6 and took the opportunity to not restore it from a back-up (of course I backed it up that morning anyway). I’m down to  about 70 apps from 170+. Feels great to get rid of hoarding tendencies in real life and digitally.

EDIT: For you, Vy and Mickael — my current home screen:


I’ve been meaning to write a longer post about the apps I use and the processes I’ve set up to go between them, but that’s a separate and longer post for later.

I’m currently trying out CloudMagic (over Mailbox; hat tip to Mia for the rec) for their cards connecting apps like ToDoist, Asana, Evernote, Pocket and others. It also has a reminder feature to boomerang back emails to you, similar to Mailbox’s “later” feature. Mailbox’s “later” feature was becoming another blackhole for me (see my Instapaper) and I never liked the override of labels in Gmail. The current version for iOS 8 crashes multiple times a day, but I like the design, fonts, and features so I’m being lenient and hoping they fix this soon.

I’ll explain Captio next because it integrates with why I like CloudMagic. Captio lets you email yourself a note with just one click so I use that frequently with random to-do notes/thoughts. It’s simply just the fastest in terms of one-off notes for me. Though I’ve used Captio before CloudMagic, CloudMagic lets me send the note from Captio to ToDoist, which has a Gmail extension** (which is more or less my dashboard for work). This is important because I’ve tried many, many, many to-do lists and none work that well because they become stuck in the app and not integrated with my normal workflow. Google Tasks is ok, but I wish there were an official app. Google Calendar tasks are the ideal for me, but there’s no good app for that (Calendar + Tasks). For now, I use Sunrise as my calendar app. I have no really good reason besides that I like its design best.

My favorite app right now is Nuzzel. I don’t need to delete them, but I have been trying to limit my use of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on my phone. They feel like wasted time. Here’s Om Malik with more on Nuzzel — he nicely captures how it’s drastically changed my Twitter habits:

It is uncomplicated, it is simple and did I say, it is useful. Damn useful, to be precise … Nuzzel is doing one thing and one thing only — giving me a quick and easy way to surface the stories that are being shared by my social networks. The stories that are most popular with my network quickly rise to the top, and I can sort them based on time elapsed — two hours, four hours or eight hours. There is option to find the latest, most recent stories that are popular with my peeps. And then there is the best option — what friends of friends are reading. It is like Techmeme and Twitter had a baby.


Nuzzel, in many ways allows me to derive maximum value from my Twitter graph, minus the noisy chatter.

I’m also trying out Headspace for 10 minute meditation (h/t to Elizabeth Spiers). Another health one that makes it to the home screen for me is Sleep Cycle. I’ve used it for a couple years now and love the light alarm to wake you up at the most optimal time within a designated time frame. I use 30 minutes. I also wake up between 5-5:30 a.m. so anything to make that less unpleasant is welcome. Speaking of waking up, if you don’t use f.lux, which is a Mac app, I highly recommend it if you’re working at odd times of the day and don’t want your eyes to fall victim to the ~blue glow~.

Ok, your turn — what does your home screen look like and what are some of your favorite apps?

** Reminding myself to write another post on Gmail extensions, but for now: Must haves for me are Streak and Boomerang. Streak is one of the best kept secrets, I think. Don’t tell anyone else about it.

4 thoughts on “Refreshing my apps”

  1. I wouldn’t know who you are if you didn’t back up. ;)

    You’ll have to do a post about your favorite apps! I’m always looking for a good new app in my life.

  2. Great :) I tested them, that’s cool ones!
    One very cool app to monitor topics is Zite. Far more productive than the legendary Flipboard.
    And one for transport, that is magnificent, but maybe not available for your city: Transit.
    PS: I love flux, that’s really a geek thing :)

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