The rest of the world in 2012

As I’m making my way through Andrew Sullivan’s latest piece in Newsweek (which, I think, will be a nice foil piece to Jonathan Chait’s article in NYMag awhile back about liberal discontent), I wanted to stop and share this useful roundup from Foreign Policy of all of the presidential elections in 2012 including China, France, Russia, Iran, Venezeula, and Libya.

Having studied global studies and being more interested in foreign affairs than domestic, it’s been quite a change to think of everything through a domestic/national framework because of my work at National Journal. Keeping up with domestic policy and politics is excruciatingly difficult sometimes — no thanks to the sports-style, minute-by-minute plays of things in Washington — but of course it’s important and essential to understand. The bulk of my reading for the past few months have been articles and things about the US with little time left for keeping up with the rest of the world. Speaking of keeping up, my subscription to the Economist just expired! Gah.

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