Maury will never read this


So, I think posting this here is safe.

He is adamant on not exchanging gifts this year, but I don’t care.

Being in a long distance relationship means there’s a little treasure trove of data: cities, countries, and continents visisted; hours and miles traveled; days spent together; etc. So, I’m currently compiling a spreadsheet with this data and using various formulas and pivot tables to find some patterns or just raw totals to design an infographic. And by infographic, I imagine that’ll it be a watercolor bar graph. It looks really good in my head — how it’ll actually turn out is unclear.

A preview of the totals: 33,592 and 27,477.3 miles traveled by him and me, respectively, and about 78 and 65 hours in travel time.

For the record, he is not amused. “This is a cute distortion of data — we didn’t exactly travel this far only to see each other.” Not verbatim. Hahaha.

*Illustration above is from Jessica Durrant’s beautiful portfolio of watercolors!

3 thoughts on “Maury will never read this”

  1. Nice painting. I assume you will be buying Muray a gift? 8-) It take two unique and determined people to make a real relationship work long distance.

  2. Thank you, Wardell. I, of course, didn’t paint that but the artist is really talented. I did not end up buying Maury a gift though — spending time was enough ;-)

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