This site is supposedly back

Human(s) curating content is back! Anyway, I think a good way to restart is to showcase what some of my friends are doing because nothing’s a better motivator than your friends being way cooler than you:

Nicole is currently interning at The New Republic (in DC! With me!), doing all sorts of neat things. Follow her here: and

Hayes just started his new blog, At Water’s Edge, on foreign affairs and domestic policies/politics, with IR theory in the mix. But really, it’s an elaboration of his tweets, which are also fantastic. Also, he writes headlines like these: “Venezuela is basically the Lady Gaga of the United Nations” and “Syria Business: Syria’s FM Blames Everyone but Al-Assad for Syria’s Problems.”

Alex, my DC boyfriend, is always feeding me delicious Spats and pieces on NYTimes trend stories and Jon Hamm on The Atlantic Wire. Follow him online unless you’re lucky enough to have weekly date nights with him at MeiWah.

Seth just drove cross country from LA to Manchester, New Hampshire because well, Southern New Hampshire University was smart enough to woo him away from UCLA to work on their digital marketing. Follow him on Twitter, or his casually updated blog on media.

Andrew Roush is teasing with a relaunch of Reply Magazine and I have no idea when that’ll happen, so in the meantime, follow his angsty tweets about Thomas Friedman. He’s best during GOP debates though.

To be continued.

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