Finding the designer

I mentioned Penguin’s Great Ideas (3) & Great Love series in an earlier entry, but thought of them again because they’re so typographically beautiful and well-designed. Anyway, I woke up this morning but stayed in bed, read through some blogs & RSS feeds on my iPhone until I had this urge to look up workspaces. Somewhere in between searching for YSL’s desk, which I had the opportunity to see IRL at the Petit Palais (!!), and reading an old NYTimes article about ampersands (Well, kind of: “The cases [of B & H and H & H] are unrelated; their announcement on the same day a coincidence. But they provided bagel lovers and techies — worse yet, techies who love bagels — with a shared reason for concern.”), I happily stumbled upon the designer of the Penguin series and his portfolio: David Pearson. I do love that horizontal scroll.

While on the subject of publishing, one of my favorite publishers, Phaidon, just launched its new site.
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