On being recognized in public

Not that this isn’t self-absorbed or anything. When you recognize someone, do you usually try to confirm your thoughts? I mean this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for my mum hassling this baby.

I had my second sighting today while having brunch with my mum. She became preoccupied with this lady and her child next to us. While eating my deseert, I noticed the lady staring at me, then finally she asked if I worked at the Starbucks (I thought it’d be rude to say, “I’m sorry, we are not Starbucks. This is the Barnes & Noble CafĂ©. We only serve Starbucks coffee–You see we have this contract…”) at Eastridge. I looked up from my dessert, which was very good, and smiled, “Yes, yes I used to.”
“Oh, I thought you looked familiar. I used to study there, but the test is over now, thank goodness.”
“I’m glad too!”
(5 seconds elapsed)
“I mean, thank goodness your tests are over, not that you don’t go there anymore.”

I realized I wrote about the second without telling of the first. I suppose the first sighting would be at Albertsons when I wanted to get a sample of the ice cream at the Starbucks and the guy at the counter asked me if I worked at the Starbucks (I know, right?) in Barnes & Noble. Anyway, I am glad I was a memorable barista.

I think another memorable sighting was at my second yearbook camp this summer at Ida Price. Some girl in my class asked, “Aren’t you that girl that sang karaoke at St. Mary’s (California Yearbook Academy.. lame name)?” There are some good photos of that, but the files are in yearbook.

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  1. Well, technically, didn’t you work at a Barnes in the Starbuck licesensed and franchised section of the store… so, although you were not a Starbuck employee, you were still working in a “Starbucks”? I know… it’s like the chicken/egg thing, but it is a thought. HA!

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